Better Together 2020

Even we when we can’t be together, we are still better together. Whether together in life, together on-line, or just together in thoughts & prayers, our community is only as strong as its connections.

We are here to help you get connected. Connect with a youth group, sign up to learn Art or find a new PE class!

This year, the Kitsap Kids’ Directory, like so many other businesses, has been deeply impacted by Covid-19. We normally print 6 times a year and distribute to hundreds of locations throughout Kitsap County. As of September, we are still not able to print. Our goal is a Fall/Winter edition for November/December/January.

We offer low-cost advertising to small and local businesses. Through the generous support of larger companies, we are able to offer free space to not-for-profits and community service programs like WIC, Kitsap Humane Society and Kitsap Regional Library.

While we wait to print again (due to COVID-19), find us here for the latest fun/events/ideas! – And get out and join the 2020 Parks & Trails Challenge!

There are many ways to make connections. Thank you for your continued support of us and the small businesses we bring to you.

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