Beyond Reality

This is a Kids’ Directory Pickup Location!

We think Beyond Reality in Downtown Bremerton is the best VR party spot around! They specialize in in-house designs and have several stories and “realities” to choose from. Allow extra time for your visit so you can play on all the old school systems in the back! Plus they’ve got Smash Brothers on the big screen – get ready to destroy the competition!


“We are an all-ages establishment where you can come and enjoy the latest in Virtual Reality video games; experiences; and more!”

— Our variety of multiplayer games can be a great alternative to date night; a fantastic way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or host your team-building exercises.

— Our VR stations can also be rented individually in 15, 30, and 60 minutes blocks with no reservation required.

— The diverse library of content for VR means that we have something for everyone. From 8 to 80; we’re sure we can show you something that will blow your mind.



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