Kitsap County Youth Group Guide – find your place!

Find your place to hang out with friends, meet new people and get involved in your community. Kitsap County has tons of great youth groups; find one near you!

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NameCityDayGroupRegistration Req?TimeGrades
A New Beginning Family Christian Center OrchardWedYouth GroupNo7pmK-12thNYYY
Abundant Hope Fellowship ChurchNo7pmK-5thNYNN
Abundant Hope Fellowship ServiceNo7pm6-12thNNYY
Abundant Life Foursquare Church (2nd & 4th) school year onlyMOPS/MOMSnextNo6:30-8pmmomsYNNN6/22/21 removed reg rqmt, added school year only per chrisitna marvin form submission
Abundant Life Foursquare Church GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY6/22/21 removed RR and Ngage, combined middle and high
Abundant Life Foursquare Church GroupNo11-12:30 pm6-12thNNYY6/22/21 removed RR and Ngage, combined middle and high and added sunday for yg, per Christina Marvin form submission
Adventure of Faith OrchardWedAdventure Kids & TREKNo5:30pmBirth-12thYYYY
Adventure of Faith OrchardMonGirls Only Bible StudyNo3:45-4:45pmJr HighNNYN
Adventure of Faith OrchardThurs (1st & 3rd)MOPS & MOMs NextYes9:30-11:30ammomsYNNN
Alive Church GroupNo6pm7-12thNNYY
Bayside Community Church GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
BI Teen Center IslandMonTeen Center3:30-6pm6-12thNNYY
BI Teen Center IslandTuesTeen Center3:30-6pm6-12thNNYY
BI Teen Center IslandWedTeen Center1-6pm6-12thNNYY
BI Teen Center IslandFriTeen Center3:30-6pm6-12thNNYY
Bible Baptist Church OrchardSunKids4TruthYes6pmAll AgesYYYY
Bremerton United Methodist Church WednesdaysNo6pm6-12thNNYY
Burley Bible Church Orchard Tues (School Year)AWANAYes6:30-8:15pm2yrs-6thYYNN
Burley Bible Church Orchard WedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm7-12thNNYY
Calvary Baptist Church Specified
Calvary Chapel of Silverdale GroupNo6:30-8:00 pm6-12thNNYY
Calvary Chapel Poulsbo GroupNo6:30 PM7-12thNNYY
Calvary Church of Port Orchard OrchardTuesYouth GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
Central Kitsap Church of Christ (School Year)Youth GroupNo6-7pmTeensNYNY
Central Kitsap Presbyterian Church (1st & 3rd)Monkey Mornings (playgroup)No9:15-11:15amAnyYYYY
Central Kitsap Presbyterian Church GroupNo7-8:30pm6-12thNNYY
Christ The Rock Community Church Orchard ThurIGNITENo6-8:30 pm6-12thNNYY6/22/21 removed thurs girls bible study per Liz bear form submission. other groups are correctMatthew Blackencrcc@crcc.comElizabeth Bearcrccnews@crcc.com3606747000
Christ The Rock Community Church Orchard WedAWANAYes6:30-8:30pm3yrs-12th grYYYY6/23/21 updated AWANA directorsShannen Kennedy or Kim Nestorekawana@crcc.comLiz bear
Christian Life Center OrchardWedRoyal Rangers & Youth GroupYes6:30-8pmK-12thNYYY
Colby United Methodist Church OrchardSunYouth GroupNo12-2pm7-12thNNYY
Coram Deo Church GroupNo6:30-8:30pm6-12thNNYY
Crosby Chapel
Crosby Chapel (1st & 3rd) Sept-AprMOPS/MOMSnextYes9:20 -12pmInfant-12thYNNN
Crosby Chapel GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
Cross Sound Church IslandThursYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm7-8thNNYN
Cross Sound Church IslandWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm9-12thNNNY
Eagle Harbor Congregational Church IslandSee CalendarYouth GroupNoSee Calendar
Emmanuel Apostolic Church../Downloads/emmanuelapostolicchurch.comBremertonWedYouth GroupNo7pm
Faith Community Bible Church
Faith Community Bible Church GroupNo6:30-8:30pm6-12thNNYY
Faith Fellowship GroupYes6:30-8pm?
Faith Fellowship Rangers Yes6:30-8pm?
Faith Fellowship GroupNo7pm6-12thNNYY
Family Worship Center OrchardWedThr3e YouthNo6:30-8pmK-12thNNYY6/23/21Sherri Leithsherri@myfwc.church360-674-6325
First Christian Church of Port Orchard OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
First Lutheran Community Church OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
Gateway Fellowship GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
Gateway Fellowship Rangers & Girls Ministriesyes6:30-8pmpreK-6thYYNN
Grace Bible Church OrchardThursAWANAYes6:30-8:30pm7-12thNNYY
Grace Bible Church OrchardWedAWANA Yes6:15-8:15pm2yrs-6thYYNN
Grace Bible Church OrchardThursIGNITEYes6:30-8:30pm9-12thNNNY
Grace Church IslandSun (1st,2nd,3rd)Youth GroupNo5-7pm6-12thNNYY
Gracepoint Church GroupNo6:50-8:30pm9-12thNNNY
Gracepoint Church GroupNo6:00-8:00 pm6-8thNNYN
Gracepoint Church & Play: Mom's GroupNo10am-12pm0-preKYNNN
Hansville Community Church GroupNo7pmNot Specified
Harper Church OrchardWed (Sep-Apr)Venture KidsYes6:30-8:15pm4yrs-5thYYNN
Harper Church OrchardSunYouth GroupYes6:30-8:15pm9-12thNNNY
Harper Church OrchardWedYouth GroupYes6:30-8:15pm6-8thNNYN
Holy Trinity Catholic Church GroupYes6-8pm9-12thNNNY
Holy Trinity Catholic Church GroupYes6-7 pmPreK-8thYYYN
Keyport Bible Church ? 8 p.m.preK-6thYYNN
Keyport Bible Church GroupNo6-8pm7-12thNNYY
Kingston Christian Church GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
Kingston Christian Church
Kitsap Lake Baptist (school year only)AWANAYes6:30-8pmK-6thNYNN
Liberty Bay Presbyterian Church (2nd & 4th) AHG & Trail LifeYes6:30-8pmK-12thNYYY
Liberty Christian Center GroupNo6pmNot Specified
Living Hope Community Baptist OrchardFriYouth GroupNo6:30-8:30pm9-12thNNNY
Living Hope Community Baptist OrchardSunYouth GroupNo5:30-7:30pm7-8thNNYN
Living Hope Community Baptist OrchardSunAWANAYes5:30-7:30pm (Oct-Apr)3yrs-6thYYNN
Manchester Community Church OrchardWedAWANAYes6:30-8pm2yrs-6thYYNN
Newhope Church OrchardSunYouth GroupNo10am7-12thNNYY
Newhope Church GroupNo7pm7-12thNNYY
Newlife GroupNo6:30pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ Capital Christian Center OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ Mountain View Middle School GroupNo6pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ North Kitsap High School GroupNo5pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ Training & Events Center GroupNo7pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ Woodward Middle School IslandWedYouth GroupNo7pm6-12thNNYY
North Kitsap Baptist Church pm3yrs-12thYYYY
North Kitsap Baptist Church Yes6:30-8:30 pmJr/Sr HighNNYY
North Kitsap Baptist Church (2nd & 4th)MOPSYes9:30-11ammomsYNNN
North Point Church (1st only)Youth GroupNo5:30-7:30pm6-12thNNYY7/10/
Northwest Baptist Church OrchardWedYouth GroupNo7pmTeensNNNY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish Girls OnlyYes6-7:30 pm6-12thNNYY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish Boys OnlyYes6-7:30 pm6-12thNNYY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish GroupYes6:30-8pm9-12thNNNY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish GroupYes12:30-2pm6-8thNNYN
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish (Sept-May)Youth GroupYes6-7:30 pmK-5thNYNN
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish (2nd & 4th)American Heritage GirlsYesNYYY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish (1st & 3rd)Trail Life (Boys Only)YesNYYY
Peninsula Bible Fellowship (2nd & 4th) Sept-JunMOPSYes9:30-11:30ammomsYNNN
Peninsula Bible Fellowship GroupNo6:30-8:30pm6-12thNNYY
Port Orchard 7th Day Adventist Church OrchardThurs (1st, 2nd, 3rd) Aug-JunAKC & PathfindersNo6:30-8pm4-15yrsYYYY
Port Orchard 7th Day Adventist Church OrchardSatSabbath SchoolNo9:30-10:45amInfant-age 12YYNN
Port Orchard 7th Day Adventist Church OrchardSatYouth GroupNo9:30-10:45amTeensNNNY
Port Orchard United Methodist OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
Restore Church GroupNo9-11:30 amToddler AgeYNNN
River Northwest Church GroupNo7pm
Rolling Bay Presbyterian IslandSunYouth GroupNo6-7:30pm7-12thNNYY
Seaside Church GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
Silverdale Lutheran Church GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
S'Klallam Worship Center Youth GroupNo6:30pm7-12thNNYY
Sonshine Baptist Fellowship GroupNo6pm6-12thNNYY
St Cecilia Parish IslandSunYouth GroupYes5-7pm9-12thNNNY
St Gabriel Catholic Church OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8:30pm7-12thNNYY
Summit Ave Presbyterian Church (1st,2nd,3rd)Mom Talk & PlaydatesNo9:30-11:30amAnyYNNN
Summit Ave Presbyterian Church Sound Parent LifeNo5:30-7:30pmAnyYYYY
Summit Ave Presbyterian Church (1st & 3rd)MOPSYes9:30-11:30mmomsYNNN
Sylvan Way Baptist Church (3rd of every other month)DD Fun Day (Devlopmentally Delayed)No2-4:30 pm7-12th (and older)NNYY
Sylvan Way Baptist Church GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
Sylvan Way Baptist Church (1st & 3rd)AHG (Girls only)Yes6:15-8:15pmK-12thNYYY
Sylvan Way Baptist Church
Sylvan Way Baptist Church (1st & 3rd)Trail Life (Boys Only)Yes6:15-8:15pmK-12thNYYY
The Granary Church TuesACTS Youth GroupNo7pmTeensNNNY
The Granary Church Fri (Every other)Youth ServiceNo7pm6-12thNNYY
The Highway Church Rangers/Girls NightYes7pmNot SpecifiedYYYY
Vinland Lutheran Church (School Year Only)Busy Moms (playgroup)No10am-12pm0-4 agesYNNN
Vinland Lutheran Church HighNNYY
West Sound YFC - The 801 Center Center2:30-5:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The 801 Center Center1-4pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The 801 Center Center2:30-5:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The 801 Center Center2:30-5:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The Next Door Center2:24-4:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The Next Door Center1:35-4:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The Next Door Center2:25-4:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The Next Door Center2:25-4:30pm6-12thNNYY
Westside Baptist Church Children?s ChoirNo54-12 agesYYYN

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