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The Mason Kids’ Directory is sister to Kitsap Kids’ Directory. We publish a quarterly print magazine which strives to share all the resources and information for families that will help make connections to enrich their lives. We are dedicated to working hard for our advertisers and extra-hard for the communities they serve. Service is not just our business, it’s our life. Kitsap & Mason Kids’ Directory is family run by Crista Magneson in Bremerton, WA. Call us, email us or find us online – we want to hear what you do so we can share the news! 360.813.3150 crista@kitsapkids.com https://www.facebook.com/MasonKids https://www.facebook.com/KitsapKids – And if you’re into Parks & Trails – check this out! https://www.kitsapkids.com/parks-and-trails/ https://www.facebook.com/parksandtrailswithkitsapkids

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