Tracyton Peewees 2021 Football & Cheer

2021 FOOTBALL & CHEER REGISTRATION: An exciting season of Football is near! In one week, practice begins on Monday, August 02nd. However, the Club is in need of Players and is at risk of not forming most teams. Register at: https://tyaa98393001.siplay.com/Login



NOTE: *Players are needed at the following Levels. At this time we do not have enough Players to fully form a team at each respective level listed below.* -A Level, Ages 12-13: 2-3 Players Needed.-B Level, Ages 10-11: 7-8 Players Needed. -C Level, Ages 8-9: 4-5 Players Needed.-D Level Competitive Flag, Ages 6-7: The team is formed and has available openings.-Instructional Flag, Ages 5: Unfortunately, we did not meet the numbers to have an Instructional Flag team this season. Registrants for this age group can opt to play up at D Level Competitive Flag. Instructional Flag and Competitive Flag operate under the same rules. Competitive Flag though will have games scored and eligible teams would participate in Playoffs/Championships.

Please reach out if you have any surrounding financial circumstances. There are financial options available with the Organization with payment options and limited scholarships available for assistance. If your Player is in the Shopping Cart, their registration is not complete. Please complete registration in order for your Player to be assigned to a team and be counted with registration numbers.

Please ensure you are registered for the correct Home Club and not an out of boundary Club despite the current circumstances with registration numbers. At this time, Club Waivers due to No Team will not be determined until July 31st. If a team is formed by that time, for your Player’s Age Group, a Club Waiver will not be available and they would be ineligible to play out of boundaries. Looking forward to seeing new and returning Players!Go Thunder! ⚡️🏈⚡️

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