Get Started With the 2021 Parks & Trails Challenge


The Parks & Trails Challenge is a way of encouraging people to get outside and see all the wonderful recreational opportunities we have here in Kitsap County. We investigate every resource we can find and have a running list of over 200 parks, trails and places we want to visit.
The challenge is to visit them all in the 365 days of 2021. Sign up and see how far you can go!

STEP 1 Register for an account


Register yourself using the “Join Now” button. Once you have registered, you can add children to your account. Older children can be registered independently if they wish.

STEP 2 Visit a park

Check out the map of all the parks, trails and places and then go! Research the place before you visit (SEE RULES & PRIZES) to make sure you are aware of any limitations, hours, etc.


STEP 3 Click a pic and submit


Take a picture of yourself at the park holding a current copy of the Kitsap Kids’ Directory magazine. Use the “Check-in” button on our website or app to submit your picture.

Step 4 Share Your Journey

Each time you upload a photo and “check in” from a park, trail or place, you can share your experience with others and earn chances to win monthly/seasonal prizes.

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