Youth Groups & More

Find your place in one of Kitsap County's many youth groups and clubs.
Dates and times may have changed: please check the group's site before you go and follow their Covid protocols.

See the entire Kitsap County Youth Group guide below.  It is sortable by city, day of week and age range.

NameCityDayGroupRegistration Req?TimeGrades
A New Beginning Family Christian Center OrchardWedYouth GroupNo7pmK-12thNYYY
Abundant Hope Fellowship ChurchNo7pmK-5thNYNN
Abundant Hope Fellowship ServiceNo7pm6-12thNNYY
Abundant Life Foursquare Church (2nd & 4th) school year onlyMOPS/MOMSnextNo6:30-8pmmomsYNNN6/22/21 removed reg rqmt, added school year only per chrisitna marvin form submission
Abundant Life Foursquare Church GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY6/22/21 removed RR and Ngage, combined middle and high
Abundant Life Foursquare Church GroupNo11-12:30 pm6-12thNNYY6/22/21 removed RR and Ngage, combined middle and high and added sunday for yg, per Christina Marvin form submission
Adventure of Faith OrchardWedAdventure Kids & TREKNo5:30pmBirth-12thYYYY
Adventure of Faith OrchardMonGirls Only Bible StudyNo3:45-4:45pmJr HighNNYN
Adventure of Faith OrchardThurs (1st & 3rd)MOPS & MOMs NextYes9:30-11:30ammomsYNNN
Alive Church GroupNo6pm7-12thNNYY
Bayside Community Church GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
BI Teen Center IslandMonTeen Center3:30-6pm6-12thNNYY
BI Teen Center IslandTuesTeen Center3:30-6pm6-12thNNYY
BI Teen Center IslandWedTeen Center1-6pm6-12thNNYY
BI Teen Center IslandFriTeen Center3:30-6pm6-12thNNYY
Bible Baptist Church OrchardSunKids4TruthYes6pmAll AgesYYYY
Bremerton United Methodist Church WednesdaysNo6pm6-12thNNYY
Burley Bible Church Orchard Tues (School Year)AWANAYes6:30-8:15pm2yrs-6thYYNN
Burley Bible Church Orchard WedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm7-12thNNYY
Calvary Baptist Church Specified
Calvary Chapel of Silverdale GroupNo6:30-8:00 pm6-12thNNYY
Calvary Chapel Poulsbo GroupNo6:30 PM7-12thNNYY
Calvary Church of Port Orchard OrchardTuesYouth GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
Central Kitsap Church of Christ (School Year)Youth GroupNo6-7pmTeensNYNY
Central Kitsap Presbyterian Church (1st & 3rd)Monkey Mornings (playgroup)No9:15-11:15amAnyYYYY
Central Kitsap Presbyterian Church GroupNo7-8:30pm6-12thNNYY
Christ The Rock Community Church Orchard ThurIGNITENo6-8:30 pm6-12thNNYY6/22/21 removed thurs girls bible study per Liz bear form submission. other groups are correctMatthew Blackencrcc@crcc.comElizabeth Bearcrccnews@crcc.com3606747000
Christ The Rock Community Church Orchard WedAWANAYes6:30-8:30pm3yrs-12th grYYYY6/23/21 updated AWANA directorsShannen Kennedy or Kim Nestorekawana@crcc.comLiz bear
Christian Life Center OrchardWedRoyal Rangers & Youth GroupYes6:30-8pmK-12thNYYY
Colby United Methodist Church OrchardSunYouth GroupNo12-2pm7-12thNNYY
Coram Deo Church GroupNo6:30-8:30pm6-12thNNYY
Crosby Chapel
Crosby Chapel (1st & 3rd) Sept-AprMOPS/MOMSnextYes9:20 -12pmInfant-12thYNNN
Crosby Chapel GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
Cross Sound Church IslandThursYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm7-8thNNYN
Cross Sound Church IslandWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm9-12thNNNY
Eagle Harbor Congregational Church IslandSee CalendarYouth GroupNoSee Calendar
Emmanuel Apostolic Church../Downloads/emmanuelapostolicchurch.comBremertonWedYouth GroupNo7pm
Faith Community Bible Church
Faith Community Bible Church GroupNo6:30-8:30pm6-12thNNYY
Faith Fellowship GroupYes6:30-8pm?
Faith Fellowship Rangers Yes6:30-8pm?
Faith Fellowship GroupNo7pm6-12thNNYY
Family Worship Center OrchardWedThr3e YouthNo6:30-8pmK-12thNNYY6/23/21Sherri Leithsherri@myfwc.church360-674-6325
First Christian Church of Port Orchard OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
First Lutheran Community Church OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
Gateway Fellowship GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
Gateway Fellowship Rangers & Girls Ministriesyes6:30-8pmpreK-6thYYNN
Grace Bible Church OrchardThursAWANAYes6:30-8:30pm7-12thNNYY
Grace Bible Church OrchardWedAWANA Yes6:15-8:15pm2yrs-6thYYNN
Grace Bible Church OrchardThursIGNITEYes6:30-8:30pm9-12thNNNY
Grace Church IslandSun (1st,2nd,3rd)Youth GroupNo5-7pm6-12thNNYY
Gracepoint Church GroupNo6:50-8:30pm9-12thNNNY
Gracepoint Church GroupNo6:00-8:00 pm6-8thNNYN
Gracepoint Church & Play: Mom's GroupNo10am-12pm0-preKYNNN
Hansville Community Church GroupNo7pmNot Specified
Harper Church OrchardWed (Sep-Apr)Venture KidsYes6:30-8:15pm4yrs-5thYYNN
Harper Church OrchardSunYouth GroupYes6:30-8:15pm9-12thNNNY
Harper Church OrchardWedYouth GroupYes6:30-8:15pm6-8thNNYN
Holy Trinity Catholic Church GroupYes6-8pm9-12thNNNY
Holy Trinity Catholic Church GroupYes6-7 pmPreK-8thYYYN
Keyport Bible Church ? 8 p.m.preK-6thYYNN
Keyport Bible Church GroupNo6-8pm7-12thNNYY
Kingston Christian Church GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
Kingston Christian Church
Kitsap Lake Baptist (school year only)AWANAYes6:30-8pmK-6thNYNN
Liberty Bay Presbyterian Church (2nd & 4th) AHG & Trail LifeYes6:30-8pmK-12thNYYY
Liberty Christian Center GroupNo6pmNot Specified
Living Hope Community Baptist OrchardFriYouth GroupNo6:30-8:30pm9-12thNNNY
Living Hope Community Baptist OrchardSunYouth GroupNo5:30-7:30pm7-8thNNYN
Living Hope Community Baptist OrchardSunAWANAYes5:30-7:30pm (Oct-Apr)3yrs-6thYYNN
Manchester Community Church OrchardWedAWANAYes6:30-8pm2yrs-6thYYNN
Newhope Church OrchardSunYouth GroupNo10am7-12thNNYY
Newhope Church GroupNo7pm7-12thNNYY
Newlife GroupNo6:30pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ Capital Christian Center OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ Mountain View Middle School GroupNo6pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ North Kitsap High School GroupNo5pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ Training & Events Center GroupNo7pm6-12thNNYY
Newlife @ Woodward Middle School IslandWedYouth GroupNo7pm6-12thNNYY
North Kitsap Baptist Church pm3yrs-12thYYYY
North Kitsap Baptist Church Yes6:30-8:30 pmJr/Sr HighNNYY
North Kitsap Baptist Church (2nd & 4th)MOPSYes9:30-11ammomsYNNN
North Point Church (1st only)Youth GroupNo5:30-7:30pm6-12thNNYY7/10/
Northwest Baptist Church OrchardWedYouth GroupNo7pmTeensNNNY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish Girls OnlyYes6-7:30 pm6-12thNNYY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish Boys OnlyYes6-7:30 pm6-12thNNYY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish GroupYes6:30-8pm9-12thNNNY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish GroupYes12:30-2pm6-8thNNYN
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish (Sept-May)Youth GroupYes6-7:30 pmK-5thNYNN
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish (2nd & 4th)American Heritage GirlsYesNYYY
Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish (1st & 3rd)Trail Life (Boys Only)YesNYYY
Peninsula Bible Fellowship (2nd & 4th) Sept-JunMOPSYes9:30-11:30ammomsYNNN
Peninsula Bible Fellowship GroupNo6:30-8:30pm6-12thNNYY
Port Orchard 7th Day Adventist Church OrchardThurs (1st, 2nd, 3rd) Aug-JunAKC & PathfindersNo6:30-8pm4-15yrsYYYY
Port Orchard 7th Day Adventist Church OrchardSatSabbath SchoolNo9:30-10:45amInfant-age 12YYNN
Port Orchard 7th Day Adventist Church OrchardSatYouth GroupNo9:30-10:45amTeensNNNY
Port Orchard United Methodist OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8pm6-12thNNYY
Restore Church GroupNo9-11:30 amToddler AgeYNNN
River Northwest Church GroupNo7pm
Rolling Bay Presbyterian IslandSunYouth GroupNo6-7:30pm7-12thNNYY
Seaside Church GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
Silverdale Lutheran Church GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
S'Klallam Worship Center Youth GroupNo6:30pm7-12thNNYY
Sonshine Baptist Fellowship GroupNo6pm6-12thNNYY
St Cecilia Parish IslandSunYouth GroupYes5-7pm9-12thNNNY
St Gabriel Catholic Church OrchardWedYouth GroupNo6:30-8:30pm7-12thNNYY
Summit Ave Presbyterian Church (1st,2nd,3rd)Mom Talk & PlaydatesNo9:30-11:30amAnyYNNN
Summit Ave Presbyterian Church Sound Parent LifeNo5:30-7:30pmAnyYYYY
Summit Ave Presbyterian Church (1st & 3rd)MOPSYes9:30-11:30mmomsYNNN
Sylvan Way Baptist Church (3rd of every other month)DD Fun Day (Devlopmentally Delayed)No2-4:30 pm7-12th (and older)NNYY
Sylvan Way Baptist Church GroupNo6-8pm6-12thNNYY
Sylvan Way Baptist Church (1st & 3rd)AHG (Girls only)Yes6:15-8:15pmK-12thNYYY
Sylvan Way Baptist Church
Sylvan Way Baptist Church (1st & 3rd)Trail Life (Boys Only)Yes6:15-8:15pmK-12thNYYY
The Granary Church TuesACTS Youth GroupNo7pmTeensNNNY
The Granary Church Fri (Every other)Youth ServiceNo7pm6-12thNNYY
The Highway Church Rangers/Girls NightYes7pmNot SpecifiedYYYY
Vinland Lutheran Church (School Year Only)Busy Moms (playgroup)No10am-12pm0-4 agesYNNN
Vinland Lutheran Church HighNNYY
West Sound YFC - The 801 Center Center2:30-5:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The 801 Center Center1-4pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The 801 Center Center2:30-5:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The 801 Center Center2:30-5:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The Next Door Center2:24-4:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The Next Door Center1:35-4:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The Next Door Center2:25-4:30pm6-12thNNYY
West Sound YFC - The Next Door Center2:25-4:30pm6-12thNNYY
Westside Baptist Church Children?s ChoirNo54-12 agesYYYN

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